Small update and year-end list consideration

It's been a few months since Home Again launched, and I'm been so pleased with how things have gone. I'm also really thankful to everyone who bought the game, reviewed or rated it  or boosted it on social media.

All this time, one small but annoying issue has been left in the game. On page 35, a heading read "Agenda" when it should read "Moves." That error is now fixed! Maybe there are other issues, but I haven't seen any. If anyone else sees any more that I should fix, feel free to let me know and I'll compile a list.

Coincidentally, the end of the year is coming fast, and with it come end-of-year lists. While I know my little baby Home Again didn't make waves this year like a lot of other games did (I'm bad at marketing), but it still means a lot to me and others. If there's anyone out there looking for games to consider for their year-end lists, I want to offer mine. Happy to send free review copies, too.


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Sep 10, 2019

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