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I have been developing The Others for roughly a year at this point, and the rules have gone through a couple of major revisions. Now that I've got a good sense of how the mechanics work, I'm thinking hard about creating a default setting for the game. Developing that lore and integrating it into the mechanics will be the primary focus of my work on The Others v0.3.

For most of its development life, The Others has been setting-agnostic. I wanted to give groups playing the game a chance to create the circumstances in which they felt most comfortable exploring its themes. After going to Metatopia, I've gotten a lot of insightful feedback about how I can remain true to myself and the game without relying on such a safety net.

Despite the game's age, this post marks the beginning of its life as a development project on I hope to use this platform as a way to be accountable to myself and to offer anyone who would like to follow along with the game's progress a formal chance to be involved. The three main documents currently attached to the project are also attached here. Two of them are the full playtest document and playsheets for v0.1. The game should be playable with these materials. The third document is the SRD (system reference document) for v0.2. Playable materials for v0.2 are not currently available.

As I continue to work on The Others, I'll be posting period updates and new documents. If you're even the least bit curious about the game, I hope you'll follow along.


The Others v0.1 playtest document 160 kB
Nov 17, 2018
The Others v0.1 playsheets 83 kB
Nov 17, 2018
The Others v0.2 system reference document 125 kB
Nov 12, 2018

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