Playsheets now available for v0.2

Another update, so soon?? Yeah. It bothered me that I didn't make the playsheets for v0.2 available when I opened the store page, so I wanted to correct that. Also, it's my birthday, and I'll do what I want.

These materials, along with the SRD (maybe even instead of it), should allow a group to get together and play the latest "complete" version of The Others. I'll probably take down the v0.1 materials soon, so get them now if you haven't already. Hope you enjoy!

In other news... I recently realized that the setting I had in mind for the game is strikingly similar to the plot of Gargoyles in some ways, and I'm very into it. I'm not promising cool winged creatures of the night as playable characters, but...


The Others v0.2 playsheets 599 kB
Nov 20, 2018

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