Home again?

Welcome to Version 0.3! Things may have seemed quiet lately but I can assure you I've been hard at work on this project and have honestly a ton to share. I'm really truly excited for everyone to see the changes I've made.

The purpose of play is now stronger--the identities of the player characters and their goals have a proactive, rather than reactive, stance. The setting too is more concrete, and embraces a magical realist vibe that is intoxicating to me. All playbooks have been overhauled and consolidated. Lastly, I found the name, which evokes a perspective and drive that is at once wistful and hopeful.

I also took the plunge and put a minimum price on the game. Though it's still in development, I thought it important to acknowledge the time and effort I've already invested in this game, and I hope you'll join me in that.

There you have it. I probably have more to say on these changes, and I should say it, but that will come later. For now, the complete list of changes is below. Thanks for your support.

0.3 changelog

  • renamed game from The Others to Home Again
  • added setting prose
  • added resolution mechanic section
  • added GM moves and GM section
  • restructured player moves as basic/other/favor
  • renamed basic moves
  • added two new other moves: remember, get lost
  • removed investment mechanic
  • removed outlook mechanic
  • overhauled playbooks
  • redesigned play sheets
  • made minor mechanical tweaks

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