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Originally made for the 2018 200 Word RPG Challenge.

This island is one of many. It is old, but its inhabitants come and go.


  • Islander. You were born here, and you hope nothing will change. Goal: maintain roots. Strength: knowledge of terrain. Weakness: isolation from others. At stake: identity.
  • Foreigner. This is your new home, and you bring with you the promise of the future. Goal: spread new ideas. Strength: use of technology. Weakness: ignorance of tradition. At stake: power.
  • Sprite. You are a speck of the ancient life of the island. Goal: foster growth. Strength: influence over nature. Weakness: fear of being forgotten. At stake: devotion.
  • Monster. An abomination, you are a child of progress. Goal: discover self. Strength: influence over people. Weakness: tendency for chaos. At stake: soul.

To play:

Play scenes in pairs, pursue goals. After scenes, participants roll dice against each other. If you exhibited your Strength during the scene, roll +1; if you betrayed your Weakness, roll -1. The winner takes a token. Repeat until every possible pair has played at least two scenes. At the end, whoever has the most tokens accomplishes their goal; whoever has the least loses whatever they had at stake. As a group, describe or play an epilogue.

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