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A roleplaying game about using oppressors’ superstitions against them. For any number of players.

They may bring silver tongues or iron blades, but all the same they come. And they won’t leave.

What do they threaten?

  • Your land. They come for the only place you’ve known.
  • Your hearth. They come for what’s yours.
  • Your kin. They come for those you love.
  • Yourself. They come for you only, body or soul.

Which creature’s spirit wells up within your breast?

  • Aswang. Your form contorts into the gaunt, anemic stature of a red-eyed vampire, intent on tasting the blood of your enemy.
  • Diwata. A radiance emanates from you, soothing them with dulcet lullabies. And yet is a curse you place on them, of which only time will tell.
  • Duwende. A maniacal laugh bubbles up from the base of your throat, as sinister plots and schemes dance in your mind. They won’t know what hit them when you befuddle them with your tricks.
  • Multo. Your body turns a ghostly translucent as you begin to hover vaporously just above the ground. Only the psychic terror of confronting past wrongs can hope to haunt them.
  • Tikbalang. You grow in size, inheriting heavy hooves and a long snout. Your pulse quickens as you attack with great savagery.
  • Tik-tik. You are a terrifying, bat-like creature of the night. You herald their doom with the trademark “tik-tik… tik-tik…” of your chirping.

Now roll 3d6.

  • 16-18: Critical success. You succeed; tell how. You also brand the colonizer’s mind with a lasting fear of you. Tell how you change them.
  • 13-15 Success. You succeed plain and simple; tell how.
  • 9-12: Partial success. You succeed, but at a cost; tell how the colonizer changes you.
  • 6-8: Failure. You fail, and the colonizer looks on you with profound disgust. Tell how.
  • 3-5: Critical failure. You fail. Tell how they win. The transformation was too complete, and you are stuck living out the horrors of your own imagination. Tell how you gradually lose yourself.


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Hello! Do you have any videos of anyone playing this?


Hi! Unfortunately, I haven't heard of anyone making actual plays of Folk Horror, and I don't have plans to release any myself. Thanks for asking, though!


Nell, this game is amazing. I want to see more of this idea - particularly branding a colonizers mind with fear

Thank you! I produced this iteration somewhat feverishly, but you can bet that I’m not done exploring many of these concepts.